Rene Bozier

Antenatal Support, Placenta Remedies, Homeopathy and Rewind Technique.

Rene Bozier

Placenta Remedies, Homeopathy and Rewind Technique.

I'm  an independent midwife and Homeopath, covering South East London and North West Kent. I have been a midwife for 15 years and qualified as a homeopath after 3 years training this year. I love to support families on an individual basis. I offer full birth package of antenatal care, labour birth and postnatal or one off appointments. I love home births but will also do birth support in hospital. I have many extra skills: I teach antenatal classes and/or hypnobirthing either as a couple or a small group. I offer Birth Trauma Rewind an a one to one. I am also a Placenta Encapsulation specialist.

PIPS: Pregnancy Information and Parenting Support

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