Keri Hartwright

Paediatric First Aid and
Parenting Courses

My name is Keri and I am an experienced paediatric nurse and a mum to a very accident prone 8 year old who tests my skills at every turn. I have a passion for sharing knowledge after many years of health promotion. I have seen first hand the difference a small bit of knowledge can make when it comes to saving a life.

I have been delivering first aid courses in and around SE London for the last 3 years to a variety of people, from parents, to professionals, to children. I feel most passionate about the short first aid courses I deliver to parents as I feel they are empowering and informative, preparing new parents and parents to be with the knowledge and skills to be able to act in the event of an emergency. My courses are two hours long, and can be delivered in the comfort of your own home, to a small group of people, or in more public venues.

If you would like to meet Kerry and talk to her about Baby First Aid book a place at one of our EVENTS or coffee mornings.

To contact Keri follow the link to her website here.