Esmelou Bray

Postnatal Yoga
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Esme believes that precious time spent moving, breathing and flowing with a group of like minded people is akin to  “having your soul bathed in liquid gold”.


Esme strives to support and work empathically with adults and children who are facing challenging times. As a Music Therapist she has experience working with adults in palliative care, with life limiting and life threatening illnesses including cancer, dementia and motor neurone disease and also with patients in acute psychiatric care. Esme has worked with children in palliative care, with adopted children and young people, and those children who have been excluded from mainstream school due to challenging behaviours.


Expanding upon her many years of practicing yoga, she subsequently committed to teach, as it often reaches deep into the soul and allows students much self reflection and self care simply by being present, opening the heart wide and connecting fully with the body. Esme attunes to the rhythms of the body, the breath and the environment to approach each class with flexibility and curiosity, always asking the questions 'what is needed right now?' and 'what can I learn from this?'


Esme endeavours to use all of her experiences and qualifications to provide a humanistically informed and integrated therapeutic yoga teaching practice.


Regular yoga practice doesn’t just happen in the studio and Esme finds that the more one practices either in a group environment or alone, the more one experiences joy and peace in all aspects of life. Esme is passionate about community and connection and will serve her students with humour and love, encouraging them to foster a sense of “I am” and “I can”.

As a mother of three children, Esme is well versed to teach pregnancy and post-natal yoga to women who are experiencing the joys and challenges both physically and emotionally of those incredible phases of life. Nothing can be predicted and everyone's experiences are different and yet the very same.  Yoga, meditation, movement, stretching, strengthening and building friendship and peer groups where women can support one another are vital to ensuring that motherhood is as fulfilling as it can be. 

Esme trained in the Appleyoga method in both vinyasa yoga and pregnancy and post-natal yoga. A flowing, graceful and strong style of yoga, with a focus on bio-mechanics, meditation and a deep yet accessible sense of spirituality created by the inspirational Katy Appleton.