Catrine Rogers

Babies in Waiting Hypnobirthing and Reflexology
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Catrine Rogers

Postnatal Planning Workshops, Postnatal Doula and Reflexology

Becoming a parent is a crazy, incredible, amazing business. While the journey is different for everyone, choosing an antenatal teacher or postnatal doula who you click with can really help you find your way.

I would love to help you in any way that I can & as a mother of two, I know how terrifying yet exciting it can be. Both my births were supported by hypnobirthing techniques & though they were both very different experiences, they have given me first hand experience of navigating different birth situations.

Whatever you want for your birth or postnatal period, I am here to support you. As a hypnobirthing teacher I can help you get informed about birth with practical tools to help during labour. We can talk through all the options for your care while using your mind to help you feel compassion for yourself & positive that your birth partner has your back. We can work together on a postnatal plan for the time when you are establishing yourself as a family & I can support you in person as your postnatal doula. I've always had a great interest in holistic therapies too and have been lucky enough to be a reflexologist for over 15 years, a hypnobirthing teacher for nearly four years and I know how these therapies can help from my own experience.

I graduated from the Side by Side doula training course, one of the few fully inclusive doula training courses, so I am here to support your choices as a Black, Asian, marginalised ethnicity or LGBTQ family. 

Now I’ve covered all the serious stuff, here’s a bit about me. I love comedy, Marvel films & singing (my other job is singing opera). I can bring a lightness to your care whilst also making your choices and wishes my highest priority. I will help you fully recover from birth however you you need me to. Whether that means making you breakfast, cooking you a delicious home cooked meal or putting a load of washing on. I am there listen to your worries with no judgement & I'll protect the positive postnatal space we will create.

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