PIPS: Pregnancy Information and Parenting Support

What is PIPS?

We are PIPS: Pregnancy and Parenting Support.

Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy and antenatal services.

Parenting Support

Postnatal and parenting


Meet the Team

Who make up the wonderful women of PIPS

About us:

PIPS is a new support network for pregnancy and parenting in

South East London.

We are a group of birth and parenting support workers, passionate about enriching the lives of local families. The moment you discover you are pregnant through to your birth and beyond we are here to help.

With our experience and knowledge we can help support, nurture and empower you through every step of your pregnancy and parenting journey.

A Toddler and a Baby


PIPS_ Pregnancy Information and parentin
Thank You! Again the last appointment we had made wonders. Contractions started then. Literally every appointment brought me closer to baby. 

About Claire:

The London Acupuncturist